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IBIS Research Update – Autumn ’14

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We will do our best to keep you informed of developments to the IBIS Worldwide Academic & Library File on a regular basis, illustrating what strategic direction we are going in and how it impacts on the data currently on file.  In addition, we will provide updates on changes to postal formats in specific countries, that you may be targeting with your own data – which will help you keep your company database as clean as possible.

Our team of 14 researchers work constantly on improving the database and much of this is dependent on what time of year it is and whether academics and universities are on vacation or not. 

This summer, while European universities had been on vacation we concentrated our updating on  Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, Middle East, Taiwan and Fiji. India and Japan have dedicated staff working all year round in those countries to ensure good data.

So far during 2014 we have worked hard on our Central and South American list and are making good in-roads on Mexican and Colombian university updates.

Year to date, the research team have physically updated almost 300 000 academics in addition to the ongoing cleansing through our questionnaire process and automatic flagging up of hard bounces and opt-out from each email campaign we do for our customers.

At present, we are exceeding our research targets and are confident the IBIS database is cleaner and more up-to-date at this present time than ever before.

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