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IBIS Research 2014

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The IBIS Worldwide Academic and Library File has close to 2500 different subject selections to choose from and we are pleased to say our research team has identified and added a further 31 new subjects to our file in the last 12 months.

IBIS will be releasing and mailing you a new, up-to-date version of our catalogue early in 2015 but we thought you’d appreciate seeing what’s been added since the previous version.

Classical Music


Cognitive Neuroscience


Cultural Heritage Law

Art Law

Insolvency Law

Animal Law

Financial Law


Translational Medicine


Naturopathic Medicine




Engineering Informatics

Internet Studies

Avian Studies

Public Services

Biological Psychology

Policy Studies

Severe Learning Disabilities

Cultural Policy

Conflict Management


Air Transport Management

Disaster Management

Entertainment Management

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Condensed Matter Physics

Our research team works tirelessly to identify what is currently being taught in higher education and occasionally find new degree courses not previously known about.  As these subject areas are fairly new to the IBIS database, quantities are still fairly small, but will increase in time as our research progresses.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative nature and if you, the customer, are looking for something specific that you cannot find elsewhere, please contact us to let us know what it is and we can research the market and identify where (or if) there are courses out there that can be added to our database.

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